Ruth Leger Sivard's







World Military and Social Expenditures by Ruth Sivard
9th edition (1983)

Foreword by Frank von Hippel

In an age of rapidly developing technology, it has seemed natural to leave national security to the technical experts. This has been a dangerous mistake. The search for security through technology has led to increased vulnerability and, as this report so effectively shows, the cancerous growth of military-industrial establishments.

If a more balanced approach is to be achieved, it will be necessary for more people whose business is not weaponry to take national security seriously. Recent events have shown that a large-scale citizen involvement in this area need not be an idle dream. In the past two years there have been enormous demonstrations of public concern about the dangers of the nuclear arms race. What is needed now is for more of this concern to be converted into effective and sustained political action.

Ruth Sivard’s report is a rich storehouse of information which will prove useful to citizen-activists as they question and work to change their government’s security policies.

Frank von Hippel
Chairman, Federation of American Scientists