Ruth Leger Sivard's







World Energy Survey by Ruth Sivard
1st edition (1979)


Foreword by Mason Willrich

The world is now in the early stages of a painful, uncertain, and lengthy transition from primary reliance on low cost oil and gas to much higher-cost energy supply alternatives and conservation. The transition may be managed smoothly or fitfully, equitably or unfairly, or it may prove ultimately to be unmanageable. In any event, the prospects of every citizen in every country will be affected by the outcome, and the process of shaping the outcome will be a central task in the coming decades.

To be able to act intelligently in an uncertain energy future, the public needs to be more fully informed of the general facts related to world energy. With this in mind, the International Relations Division of The Rockefeller Foundation has sponsored the World Energy Survey by Ruth Leger Sivard. Mrs. Sivard’s overview provides a succinct descripton of our energy past and prospects, and it is intended to suggest some of the salient choices that every individual needs to consider in thinking about the future.

Mason Willrich