Ruth Leger Sivard's




Commendation from Physicians for Social Responsibility

February 28, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the invaluable resource that your group and all of their toil have provide us. It is rare that a single resource is both as detailed and yet retains the simplicity of presentation that World Military and Social Expenditures displays.

As a health care practitioner and concerned citizen I truly appreciate the incredible amount of effort and forethought that is required to put together such a comprehensive document, and courage in equal amounts as the data is not always welcome from all quarters ofthis country.

Both my assisatants and I are engaged in producing a document for submission to several medical journals, inclusing the New England Journal of Medicine, on the health effects of war. In this document we are trying to illustrate the true costs to the health of all the participants, both the obvious and those that the public does not seem to be aware of.

In the process of researching this subject it is critical to have numbers and statistics that can provide the statistical backbone for our contentions and statements. The data compiled in your works contains more priceless raw data and analysis than any other source, and more than that it was also presented in an appealing and compelling manner which made it far easier to find.

It is our contention that your efforts to continue the publication of these reports is not only critical fodder for those of us in research-oriented fields but also a must for public consumption.

In closing please accept once more my true appreciation, including the very generous inclusion of the edition "Women:a World Survey" which will also be incorporated into the paper, and for which we are incredibly grateful.


William Durston MD
President, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Sacramento CA

Andrew Whitaker BS